Sunday, January 5, 2014

Genre Dilemma

Dear Reader

I need your help. You see, I've written something that I unable to classify into a specific genre. Is it Romance? Erotica? Maybe you can help me by read this short excerpt and posting your opinion. This is a story I've had on the back burner for quite some time. It is a kind of historical fantasy of sorts. The main character (Lucia) is swept into an underwater cave and knocked unconscious while diving off the coast of Crete. When she awakens, she discovers that she is 'somewhere else.' She is in a land filled with strange characters. One of these characters in particular (Evenor) helps her recover from her injuries (with a troop of servants) and insists she is a future queen preordained by some vision he's had.

Anyway, read the excerpt and tell me your thoughts. Should this be Young Adult? Or, could some of these words be changed to a more "purple" hue and still get the point across?

Smells of warm aromatic oils filled my senses. Jasmine, lilac, even menthol tickled my brain as I lay in a dark semi-conscious world. Soft hands gently caressed my body, gliding smoothly along all contours on a thin liquid ribbon of warmth. Not just a single pair of hands but several, all in different places and ever so gentle on my bruised and sensitive skin. One pair of hands glided over my face and rubbed little circles around my temples. Other sets of hands caressed and kneaded each arm and leg moving upwards and meeting along my torso. My body lay flat on a soft surface and the hands continued moving, caressing, and circling around my breasts in decreasing concentric circles until reaching the outer regions of my areoles and finally converging on my stiffening nipples.
I jerked into complete consciousness at the sensation and looked wildly up at the blurry figures surrounding me. There were five women standing topless around me, all dark-skinned and dark-haired. Ornate jewelry around their necks and in their hair flashed and twinkled as it reflective the light of endless candles within the tented room. They were rubbing my body with some kind of oils and taking liberties I wasn’t sure I welcomed. I tried to rise but found my pain forbid it and I fell flat again. I was on some kind of bed about waist high to the women and it was covered with a thick blanket of leather or animal skins. I squirmed about in a pool of the warm oil trying to bring myself to an upright position again but the women gently guided me back down. Two of the women parted and a man appeared between them. I recognized the man. He had been the one on the horse last thing I remembered seeing. He looked down at me with jet black eyes and matching shoulder-length hair that formed a curtain around the outline of his thin chiseled face. He said something to me but I could not understand the language. He spoke with a dialect I had never heard before. He frowned and looked around at the women surrounding me, saying something quietly to them. They backed away and he looked back down and stared directly into my eyes.
“I am Evenor. You were injured but are now safe. Trust my servants. Rest and they will heal you.”
I was so fixed on his dark piercing eyes that I did not even see his lips move when he spoke. In fact, I wasn’t sure that his lips did move. He quickly disappeared and was replaced by the five women who continued their massaging. The woman standing over my head presented a large gold goblet and raised it to her mouth making drinking gestures. Without waiting for a reply, she gently lifted my head and tipped the metal cup to my mouth. I drank the liquid. It had the sweet tang of red wine and it was cold as it glided smooth across my lips and down my throat. I emptied the goblet and relaxed into the slick warm surface. The women surrounding me moved in and continued massaging my body as the wine warmed in my stomach. I could feel my body relaxing as I responded to the drink. It seemed to relax my body more than normal and I felt like I was falling slowly. I was barely able to move my arms and legs but still felt every hand gliding along my skin.
Warm soft hands again glided over my oiled body with slick precision. Caring hands caressed the curve of my neck up to the lobes of my ears. Sensuous hands traced the curve of my breasts and gently pinched at my nipples making them rise and harden in response and sending small pulses of pleasure through me. Wonderful brave hands glided up my legs and ever-so-gently along my inner thighs. Gentle waves of pleasure accompanied every touch, and my mind drifted in warmth. I no longer concerned myself with the proprieties of catholic hetero-sexuality and gave in to the pleasure, trying to hold onto lucid thought as warmth and pleasant delirium invaded my soul. I thought about what had happened in the water and where I might be now. I wondered about the bronze-skinned man who rescued me. I opened my eyes only briefly as the women wrapped my body in some large leaves that had a slightly pungent smell and placed small white and blue crystals on my body over the leaves. I felt tingling energy and warmth in my chest from the crystals through the leaves. Through the veil of my closed eyelids I painted a palette of soft pinks and purples as sleep overtook me.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coming Soon

I am pleased to give just a little tease to a new series coming out soon. Here's the concept for the first story, A Feast of Fools.

Keisha Sims has been a very bad girl. So bad, in fact, that she's left a trail of bodies and broken hearts all the way from Montana to Atlanta, Georgia. Leonidas, the pack leader in Ellijay, Georgia, suspects she's on her way to to settle a score.

He calls on Lexi and Joe to track her down and apprehend, or kill the rogue werewolf if they must. They are not too happy about the task being given to them before they even have time to consummate their union, but it is the job they signed up for as part of the bargain to allow Joe, a feral, to join the pack.

Will Joe and Lexi be able to track her down before she makes it to Ellijay and exacts her revenge? Will they even bother when they find out why she seeks revenge--and that her anger is directed toward Leonidas?

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the next book in the series, A feast of Passions.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Help Make It Free

Okay, so I don't normally like to ask favors, but this favor will benefit many.

As many know, I offer about half my catalog for free. Trouble is, Amazon is being excruciatingly slow at price-matching one of my titles in order to make it free like at all the other channels.

So, I'm getting on the bull horn, making the call, putting on the bat signal, and asking for your help.

The title in question is Surrogate, and I would much appreciate it you might consider going to the link to the book's amazon page here, and doing that "report a lower price" thing located about midway through the page.

If this will help, here are links to the title at other locations:

Barnes and Noble
All Romance ebooks

Please feel free to also use pricing from KOBO, Diesel, or ibooks if you would like.

Thanks in advance for helping me make this short piece of erotic fiction available to the masses at the greatest price ever-free!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Many Loves

Source: Wikipedia
Many cannot imagine being so lucky as to have a secure relationship with a thoughtful, caring, significant other. I, for one, know that this kind of relationship is not a given, and when found, must be nurtured and held on to through individual growth and disagreement.

Now imagine, if you can, having this kind of relationship with two or more thoughtful, caring, significant others. I've thought about this kind of relationship and pondered the possibilities and pitfalls of such an endeavor. Although my personal nature and personality would not bode well in this type of relationship, I know many who feel they would be right at home, and completely satisfied loving more than one and being loved by more than one, in a committed relationship.

What I'm talking about here is a lifestyle prescribed to by about five percent of our American population -- I'm talking about Polyamory.

Polyamory is a lifestyle choice involving numerous (or endless) loving relationships intertwined within a closed group. This could be just three individuals or more. It can involve any combination of lifestyles including: gay, straight, bi, or even BDSM.

I know what you're thinking. "But, what does this have to do with erotica?"

Well, it is something that intrigues me as a writer of erotica because of the dynamics of such a relationship. Whether we want to admit it or not, sex, love, and relationships are all intertwined. One often affects another. Yes, I understand that sometimes sex is just about sex but, as many of my readers know, I like to add these elements to my stories for exploration. Okay, so maybe I also like to add shape shifters and other supernatural beings, along with religious twists but hey, it"s all good.

Many, many years ago, I had a friend that confided in me her greatest sexual fantasy. She told me that this act was something she had always wished for, and would bring her sexual fulfillment, but she was afraid to actually make it happen. She thought that once this fantasy came to fruition, she would be left with no other fantasy in her mind. I assured her that, by the time this fantasy was fulfilled, she would already be craving another.

Her fantasy involved multiple partners. I think five was her number -- all men, and all at once.

Anyway, my story idea involves a woman with two men. I want to bring out the element of sexual fulfillment my main character finds in this relationship but also want to express why the character might find personal fulfillment beyond sexual in this style of relationship.

What are your thoughts on this type of relationship?

In researching this article, I found that most erotica seems to revolve around threesomes with one man and two women. I guess that is the belief held by the populace, or maybe the fantasy held by those reading erotic stories.

What about a woman involved with two men? I know this is the formulaic 'love triangle' but I would want the relationship to be open. I would imagine though, in real life, there might be conflict arising from such an arrangement.

If you would like to research this lifestyle, here are a couple of links to get you started:

What are your thoughts on this? Would you read a story based on this type of relationship, or a story of the formation of this type of relationship? Please tell me your thoughts by commenting below.